ClowID: What is it, and how it can help your business grow

ClowID is a tool for upgrading physical businesses' customer relationships through a sustainable digital receipts solution. 

ClowID APP for End Users: An excellent tool for you, for me, and everyone

ClowID APP is a tool for everyone. It is the place where customers will receive receipts from their shops, or scan any paper receipt from vendors who don’t use ClowID, yet.

In the APP, users will discover personalised promotions from their favourite shops and will store all the membership cards, stamp cards and other loyalty cards. 

Last but not least: ClowID keeps 100% anonymity for the users. All the benefits of digital receipts, loyalty programs and personalised promotions, but with 100% privacy and control for the user. 

ClowID for Shops: Every physical business can benefit from a selection of customer engagement tools, big data analytics and receipt digitalisation

ClowID integrates seamlessly with any Point of Sales software out there. It blends perfectly with ERP or management software, even for shops that use document editors to prepare their invoices. Installation takes less than 3 minutes, and you can send your receipts digitally. 

After sending your receipts digitally via SMS or APP, you will have a Backoffice with priceless Data Analytics about your business and your customer’s behaviour and preferences.

Based on that Data, you can design your loyalty programs and highly segmented promotions directly from your back office:

  • Membership Card with or without points accumulation
  • Stamp Cards
  • VIP Cards
  • Coupons
  • Last Minute Deals

ClowID for POS providers and resellers: offer a great tool to your customers and maximise your recurring revenue

ClowID offers your customers a great set of tools at a great price while you enjoy extra recurring revenue without extra effort or investment.

Add ClowID to your offers to new clients, and you will see their interest grow and a longer LTV.

Offer your actual clients to add ClowID to their POS, and you will have an excellent opportunity to contact them. They will be thankful for getting a new, economic and easy-to-use tool that will help them sell more. And you will increase your recurring revenue. 

ClowID and Sustainability 

Over 90% of receipts are lost or thrown immediately after purchase. Every year, ten million trees are cut down in Europe to produce receipt paper. 

It’s in our hands to stop this nonsense. Help us? 

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