We are launching our new website

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a brand new website as part of our new phase of expansion. 

clowid digital receipts loyalty program and marketing tools for pos


A new design that aligns more with our core values is more practical, clear, and neat. Visitors can find all the relevant information, not more or less. We’ve cut out every ornament to leave just what you need to understand who we are, what we do, and how. 

A colour code defines and marks the content for our three primary users: POS providers and resellers, Merchants of all sizes, and final users. 

Ready for New Markets

We now offer our content in Swedish, English and Spanish. We’ve added Spanish as Spain is our new opening market.

Branding & Logo

You might have noticed that all our branding has recently shifted. We’ve revisited our logo, claims, and colour coding for our new adventures. 

Digital Receipts‘ has disappeared from our logo and claims. Are we not doing this anymore? Not. As this is still our core function, we are now so much more than digital receipts, and we want to communicate this better:

What else? 

Well, Much more. 

Along with this re-branding, we are adding lots of new functionalities to ClowID

  • New BackOffice
  • Brand new Dashboard
  • Smart Analytics 
  • Marketing Tools
  • Loyalty programs
  • Revisited App 

In the following posts, we will introduce these new tools and functionalities. 

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