What happens between a shop and a customer after a transaction? 

The traditional selling process in physical shops ends up issuing a receipt or invoice. It's the end of the transaction. It's a stop in the relationship between the shop and the customer. 

customer engagement system for retail

ClowID transforms this ending moment into the beginning of something new. 

When a shop sends a digital receipt with ClowID, the magic begins:

  • The customer receives the receipt on their phone while keeping total anonymity. They can store, send, and keep all receipts organised: business and family expenses and guarantees can be easily classified and reported.
  • The business wins valuable data: detailed or aggregated business analytics, customer preferences and behaviours, and predictive analytics.
  • The shop can easily enrol every customer into a loyalty program: no flyers, no paperwork, and no time effort for the customer or employee, with a single click. 
  • The shop can easily design extremely segmented promotions and send them to their customers anonymously and respectfully. 

It is a win-win process: for customers, shops, and the environment. 

It is a big step forward in digitalisation, customer engagement and big data for shops of all sizes.